Digital Musical Interactions – Instruments – Performances

DMI – I – P

Academy of Finland Research Fellow Project, pr.319946

What makes our relationship with music particularly interesting is that it is inherently a socio-cultural activity, supporting a diverse range of interactions and social or individual goals. The main objective of the project, Digital Musical Interactions – Instruments – Performances, is to articulate a framework to better understand the principles of emerging technologies and cultural constraints behind digital musical interactions, specifically how they appropriate and give meaning to the evolving nature of the relations among a web of actors in digital music practices; performer, musician, instrument, audience, instrument designer, environment. This framework aims to examine the project’s macro-view understanding of digital musical interaction in which digital music performance’s disparate elements are connected and interdisciplinary design factors of digital musical instruments (DMIs), the technological and cultural constraints behind digital musical interactions are structured.

This research aims to analyse works that reflect a confluence of interaction and issues in interface design (study 1), at the same time, it is considering cultural motivations behind digital music practices (study 2), along with exploring articulated principles of emerging technologies (study 3). In particular, the research project will deliver digital musical interaction framework that will help us better understand the interaction principles from a cultural and the technology-interaction perspective affecting on the conceptions and practices of DMIs (study 4).

Participatory workshops
During each study in this research we will conduct participatory workshops as part of the methodological framework. Expert scholars, end-users (artists, musicians, listeners, practitioners, composers, instrument designers) and faculty voluntarily will participate in the workshop sessions. The PI and his extended network will provide connection with these participants.

DMI Idiomaticity
The idiomaticity manifests in how it encourages people to think and act. The language is an essential part of the digital musical instruments, and each language has certain idiomatic constructs that influence how the designer creates the instrument, as well as on their live performances and compositions performed with them.

London Workshop15.02.2019
The collected, analysed and synthesised data in study 1 will be discussed and qualified for further development during this workshop. The initial findings will be reported and presented in a user journey map, where it will be discussed and qualified for further development in a journal publication. Qualitative feedback will be collected from the participants to verify our insights on systematic evaluation of musical interaction and key features of musical culture in digital musical instrument (DMI) practices.