Vibrating Instruments in Virtual Reality (VIVR): Creative Content Production in VR with Cohesive Sense of Reality

In Vibrating Instruments in Virtual Reality (VIVR) research, we aim to a) study the needs and problems behind the key features in musical practices with virtual reality, b) understand the notion of virtual reality, determining its NIME design principles in music production, c) build VIVR virtual reality toolkit, reflecting the principles that were deployed in the role of emerging VR technologies in music practices. In a three-stage inquiry into the new vibrating instruments in virtual reality, we will deliver a VR toolkit in which we will design and build interactive VR musical instruments, reflecting the essential features of our findings. These instruments will be used in the generation of artistic content with music production by the team members.

Camilo’s final thesis presents the design, implementation and findings of a Virtual Reality Musical Instrument (VRMI).ánchez_Carranco_Juan_2018.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y