Arduino + Pure Data

Pure Data

Download a collection of examples for basic use of PD.

Smoothing and scaling in Pure Data.

Other good resources:

Arduino + Pure Data

Arduino uses serial communication to send and receive data between it and the computer. The same applies for working with Pure Data. In this course we will create our own simple protocol for serial communication.

There are several projects that try to make the communication between Arduino and PD easier: 


In a lot of cases the simplest way is to use Pduino:

It’s based on Firmata:

How to use it:

  • Download Pduino
  • Upload the StandardFirmata example to your Arduino Board.
    • Files->Examples->Firmata->StandardFirmata
  • Open arduino-test.pd in Pure Data
  • Also see the arduino-help.pd for explanations on how to use the arduino object

Pduino Simple

Here is a bit clearer example to use with Pduino. You can use this instead of the arduio-test.pd. It is meant to be used with Arduino Uno/Duemilanove/Leonardo.

Download the patch.