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Uncertain Practices Ars Electronica Garden Espoo/Helsinki / 9 – 13 September 2020

Spring 2020 marked a period of enhanced uncertainty all around the world with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing societies into lockdown. The situation brought up societal and governance challenges that were further internalized into individuals’ thinking and their relationships as communities … Continue reading

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Digital Musical Instruments as Probes: How computation changes the mode-of-being of musical instruments

This is another Organised Sound (Open Access) publication by Koray Tahiroğlu, Thor Magnusson, Adam Parkinson, Iris Garrelfs and Atau Tanaka. This article explores how computation opens up possibilities for new musical practices to emerge through technology design. Link tot he … Continue reading

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Symposium on Digital Musical Interactions OODI Maijansali, Helsinki / 14 November

The symposium, Socio-Cultural Role of Technology in Digital Musical Interactions, discussed critically our relationships with music and digital musical instruments, exploring how these new relationships build embodied behaviours, expectations, beliefs, interpretations and actions in various ways we practice and act … Continue reading

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Technology-assisted Creativity: from Human to Post-Human Keynote / BOZAR, Brussels 17 October 2019

In this talk Koray Tahiroğlu introduced our current research on digital musical instruments (DMIs) in which autonomous and intelligent computational features are applied to music generation with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

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Academy of Finland Research Fellow Project

A new Academy of Finland Project started in September 2018, Digital Musical Interactions – Instruments – Performances is looking into socio-cultural role of digital musical instruments and our current relationship with with them.

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New Researchers in SOPI

Nuno Correia and Miguel Espada are our new researchers in SOPI research group. Nuno, is finishing his doctoral studies, now he will be busy with research activities in SOPI. He is developing tools for audio-visual composition and will be responsible … Continue reading

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Sound and Physical Interaction

Sound and Physical Interaction (SOPI), a new research group in the Department of Media, is focusing on sound and its emerging role in designing new ways of interactions between humans through digital environments. The group’s mission is to investigate and … Continue reading

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