Physical Interaction Design

Current Offering:
Physical Interaction Design (DOM-E5043) by Juan Carlos Vasquez / Niklas Pöllönen

Physical Interaction Design course aims to explore and investigate the tools, concepts and practices for planing and building new interactions with digital environments.The course focuses on music and sound as lenses to discuss approaches and methodologies for the creation of interactive installations, physical media/image/sound projects and artistic strategies for the creation of experimental musical compositions.
With a hands on approach this course invites students to experiment with sensor technologies, acoustic transducers, micro controllers and thus confront fundamental concepts and technical issues faced during the design of digital music environemnts.

The course explores multimodal interaction practices for adapting physical interaction to daily life applications and contemporary art works. The course will be taught using the Pure Data and Arduino open-source environments, accompanied by short readings. Physical Interaction Design course is a project-based course. At the end of the course, students will submit and present their projects.

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