Concert 1 – AIMC 2021

Koray Tahiroğlu performed the piece, Uncertainty Etude #2 at AIMC 2021 conference. The pre-recorded performance streamed live and here it is the link to the concert 1

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GANSpaceSynth – AIMC 2021 publication is now online

Our AIMC 2021 publication, GANSpaceSynth: A Hybrid Generative Adversarial Network Architecture for Organising the Latent Space using a Dimensionality Reduction for Real-Time Audio Synthesis is now open accessible online – Link to the publication

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AI-terity 2.0: An Autonomous NIME Featuring GANSpaceSynth Deep Learning Model

In this NIME 2021 publication, we focus on the development on our AI-terity instrument. Our main contribution in this paper is the new deep learning architecture that we implemented, autonomous features that we built in relation to the deep leaning model and the improved 3D model.

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Uncertainty Etude #2 – NIME 2021

Uncertainty Etude #2 is an abstract narrative that keeps the performer remain in unconfident state of performing with the AI-terity instrument. It is presented as a pre-recorded performance at NIME 2021.

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Journal of New Music Research; Special Issue on Socio-cultural Role of Technology in Digital Musical Instruments

Following the symposium in Helsinki in 2019, a diverse group of expert scholars, artists, musicians, practitioners continued working together to open further inquiry into and dialogue about socio-cultural role of technology in current and emerging digital music practices.

Now the content of this work is published as a special issue in Journal of New Music Research (Guest Editors: Koray Tahiroğlu and Thor Magnusson) and this special issue is one of the outcomes of Academy Research Fellow project (no.316549) –

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Digital Musical Instruments (online talk) Maçka Music Technology Days V / İTÜ TMDK Müzik Teknolojisi Bölümü, February 18 2021

In digital music practices, musicianship, technology, composition and the performance environment are all often conceptualised to the degree that they become embedded in people’s musical instrument building practice, thinking about music, themselves and their relationship with their communities. This embedded practice feeds into the music itself, which further impacts audience experience. Koray Tahiroğlu briefly talked about in what ways we apply this embedded practice in our artistic research projects.

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Uncertain Practices Ars Electronica Garden Espoo/Helsinki / 9 – 13 September 2020

Spring 2020 marked a period of enhanced uncertainty all around the world with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing societies into lockdown. The situation brought up societal and governance challenges that were further internalized into individuals’ thinking and their relationships as communities and with the world at large. Being uncertain also requires that one be able to cope with doubt, something 2020 took to unusual lengths. The garden presented three artists within the framework of uncertainty, including studio visits, demonstrations, talks and a musical performance. The presentations by Koray Tahiroğlu, Laura Beloff and Andy Best streamed and followed by live sessions for further dialogue with the audience. The garden events were produced by Aalto Studios at Aalto University.

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Uncertainty with AI-terity (Music Performance) -Ars Electronica 2020

The composition Uncertainty was presented in Ars Electronica 2020, keeps the musician in a hesitant state of performance, providing a non-rigid but identifiable musical events, followed by ever shifting new sounds.

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Al-terity: Non-Rigid Musical Instrument with Artificial Intelligence Applied to Real-Time Audio Synthesis

Our NIME 2020 publication about the AI-terity project is now open accessible online.

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Digital Musical Instruments as Probes: How computation changes the mode-of-being of musical instruments

This is another Organised Sound (Open Access) publication by Koray Tahiroğlu, Thor Magnusson, Adam Parkinson, Iris Garrelfs and Atau Tanaka. This article explores how computation opens up possibilities for new musical practices to emerge through technology design. Link tot he publication

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