Koray Tahiroğlu  is a musician, Academy Research Fellow and lecturer in the Department of Media, Aalto University School of ARTS, Finland. He is the founder and head of SOPI (Sound and Physical Interaction) research group. He practices art as a researcher focusing on embodied approaches to sound and music interaction, as well as a performer of live electronic music. Since 2004, he has been also teaching workshops and courses introducing artistic strategies and methodologies for creating interactive music. Tahiroğlu has performed experimental music in collaboration as well as in solo performances in Europe, North America and Australia.

Concerts and Exhibitions


Porting Self
19 October 2018
new chamber-music w/ Emilie Girard-Charest, Emma Lloyda and Thomas Bjelkeborn
Fylkingen Stockholm, Sweden


Algorave Tallinn
28 October 2017
Üle Heli festival,
Tallinn, Estonia

Iki El
10 November 2107
Anthology Of Turkish Experimental Music Album Launch Concert
Borusan Music House, Istanbul, Turkey

NOISA Etude #3
17 May 2017
w/ J. Vasquez, International Conference on New Interfaces for Music Expression (NIME)
Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark.


KET Conversations
20 April 2016
w/ T. Bjelkeborn, Metanast Salford Media City
Manchester, UK

05 May 2016
Amsterdam, Netherland

KET Conversations
01 June 2016
w/ T. Bjelkeborn, DASH’16 Festival
Helsinki, Finland

KET Conversations
21 June 2016
w/ T. Bjelkeborn, Cafe OTO
London, UK

KET Conversations
13 July 2016
International Conference on New Interfaces for Music Expression (NIME)
Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

KET Conversations
20 October 2016
w/ T. Bjelkeborn, Växjö Festival
Växjö, Sweden

KET Conversations
18 Nov 2016
w/ T. Bjelkeborn, Audio Art Festival
Krakow, Poland


3 Agents + 1
06 June 2015
Live Performance at International Conference on New Interfaces for Music Expression (NIME)
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

KET Conversations
22 November 2015
w/ T. Bjelkeborn, Gävle Theater
Gävle, Sweden

KET Conversations
04 December 2015
w/ T. Bjelkeborn, Fylkingen
Stockholm, Sweden


In Hands
14 February 2013
Music Hack Space
London, UK

Perspectives on Daphne Oram,
06 March 2013
the Pioneers of Electronic Music Festival
London, UK

Design Can Change
12 May – 16 June 2013
w/ S. Overstall and V. Wikström, International New Media Exhibition,
Shenzhen China


AHNE: 3D DJ Interface
13 June 2012
w/ S. Overstall and T. Koskinen, International Conference on Eurohaptics
Tampere, Finland

Invented Instruments
03 August 2012
w/ J. Bergmark, Colourscape Music Festival
Turku, Finland

InHands: Improvisation for Mobile Phones
21 May 2012
International Conference on New Interfaces for Music Expression (NIME) (Performed by Adam Parkinson)
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


Raja Interactive Dance Performance
09 February 2011
choreographer Jari Saarelainen and dancers Kiia Elonen, Nora Laitinen, Mia-Mari Sinkkonen and Nina Kivisilta.
Windson, London, UK

Live Audio Cues
09 August 2011
International Pure Data Convention
Weimar, Germany


Raja Interactive Dance Performance
11 November 2010
Nokia Foundation Awards Ceremony, (choreographer Jari Saarelainen and dancers Kiia Elonen, Nora Laitinen, Mia-Mari Sinkkonen and Nina Kivisilta)
Helsinki, Finland

Live Audio Cues
25 September 2010
Todays Art Festival
Den Haag, Netherlands

Live Audio Cues
22 July 2010
International Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC)
Barcelona, Spain

24 April 2010
Biennale Festival
Korjamo, Helsinki, Finland

09 March 2010
IDKA Push Festival
Gävle, Sweden


11 December 2009
Make Art Festival
Poitiers, France

23 July 2009
International Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC)
Porto, Portugal

29 April 2009
PixelIst Festival
Istanbul, Turkey

17 April 2009
International Linux Audio Conference (LAC)
Parma, Italy


20 September 2008
Citysense Festival
Istanbul, Turkey

Electro-acoustic Music Performance
13 September 2008
Istanbul, Turkey


Performance Blue Night
09 December 2007
Istanbul, Turkey

23 August 2007
International PureData Convention
Montreal, Canada

SolarDuo Project
04 May 2007
w/ J. Lyytikäinen, New Music Festival
Istanbul, Turkey


EMI Project
13 October 2006
w/ D. Cuartielles and E. Thomas, Piksel Festival
Bergen, Norway

SolarDuo Project
02 September 2006
w/ J. Lyytikäinen, Ars Electronica Festival
Linz, Austria

ImproMasters Performance
05 May 2006
Stockholm, Sweden

EMI Project
16 March 2006
w/ D. Cuartielles and E. Thomas, EMI Night, Kokoteatteri
Helsinki, Finland

Art’s Birthday
14 January 2006
NoiseCity Helsinki Event, Kokoteatteri
Helsinki, Finland

SolarDuo Project
22 October 2005
w/ J. Lyytikäinen, Piksel Festival
Bergen, Norway

SolarDuo Project
21 September 2005
w/ J. Lyytikäinen, 9th International Istanbul Biennial
Istanbul, Turkey

SolarDuo Project
15 January 2005
w/ J. Lyytikäinen, NoiseCity Helsinki Event
Istanbul, Turkey


13 December 2004
International Generative Art Conference
Milan, Italy

From Me to Us
29 – 31 July 2004
Sound Installation at International Participatory Design Conference
Toronto, Canada

From Me to Us
12 – 29 May 2004
Sound Installation at Masters of Arts
Helsinki, Finland

HCO Performance
07 May 2004
Le Bas Festival
Helsinki, Finland